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      Protecting hundreds of commercial properties including hospitals, warehouses, restaurants, and shopping centres from pests throughout Surrey.

      Domestic Pest Control
      Domestic Services

      We offer fast, safe, effective and responsive pest control services to protect you and your property from pest infestations and associated risks.

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      Our approach ensures we have a local presence nearby, supporting residential and commercial customers with pest control needs.

      Commercial and Residential Pest Control Solutions in Surrey

      Surrey Pest Control can deal with most types of commercial and domestic pest infestations, including: rats, mice, squirrels, moles, cockroaches, wasps, pigeons, bedbugs and most common insects.

      Our Surrey pest control operation is now fully functional and ready to tackle infestations of all kinds. So, now you can take advantage of highly effective pest control services available for both residential and commercial properties in the area.

      From visiting your property to providing the most appropriate treatment, you can be sure that your pest problems will be resolved and your property will be proofed against all annoying vermin. Take a look at a breakdown of how Surrey Pest Control proceeds when you have pest-related issues at your property:

      Survey, Treatments and Proofing

      Our exterminator will carefully inspect your property to determine the type of pest and the seriousness of the infestation. If rodents are present, he’ll carefully seal their entryways which prevents other pests from coming in through the holes.

      Different pests are treated differently. For example, our pest controller in Surrey will use special sealants to block rodents accessing the property and will then place poisonous baits, while a paralysing insecticide is used to carry out wasp nest treatment.

      For bed bug treatments, he’ll spray the property with various insecticides each time to prevent the colony from growing resistance to the products. The level of infestation will also be factored in by our expert when selecting a suitable treatment.

      Our specialist will make sure that your property is proofed as well as sharing some useful tips on how you can prevent future re-infestations.

      Acting in accordance with his advice gives you the best chance to prevent further encounters with the invaders.

      For a quotation, free survey or if you simply need some advice, please contact Cityspec on 01483 654 280. Or complete our online form for an Instant Response to your enquiry.

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      Local Pest Control in Surrey for Domestic and Commercial Properties

      Bed Bugs Treatments
      Bed Bugs Treatments

      Bed bug treatment in Surrey is carried out over at least two visits. The affected areas are sprayed with a safe insecticide that has an immediate knock-out effect on the tiny bugs and their eggs. This first spray is enough to kill off most of the colony.

      Wasp Nest Control
      Wasp Nest Control

      We treat wasps and their nests in just a single visit by our pest exterminator. They will check the location of the nest and will conclude whether there is one of multiple pests. He will then proceed with applying of a safe powder insecticide that has a knock-down effect on wasps.

      Rodent Control
      Rodent Control

      Treatment for mice and rat control usually requires a single visit. But if the issue is more severe, a few visits will be necessary. The entry points that the rodents use will be sealed with expanding foam and sealants which they hate and will not chew through.

      Heat Treatments
      Heat Treatments

      With our heat treatment for domestic properties and business establishments in Surrey, you will be able to keep even the largest insect infestations at bay. This service is extremely unique, it achieves 100% bed bug eradication in just a single cycle of treatment.

      Pigeon Control
      Bird Control

      The most common bird species that create problems in the area are gulls and pigeons. Frequent bird problems we deal with include; Bird fouling, Aggressive behaviour, Nesting in or on buildings, Noise and Ground nesting.

      Squirrel Control

      Homes near parks and other green spaces often experience problems with squirrels, especially when it comes to attics and backyards. If you don’t deal with them quickly, squirrels can cause thousands of pounds of structural damage.

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