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      Multiple entrances, food preparation and storage areas, cosy guest rooms and shared public areas make your hotel an attractive target for many common pests, no matter how careful you are.

      You’ll be well aware of the potential cost and inconvenience a pest infestation can cause. The risks posed to your business from – revenue loss from having rooms out of use, possible litigation by disgruntled guests. Then there’s the impact on employee relations and the risk of fines, for any breach of health and hygiene regulations.

      Even a 5-star hotel or hostel can quickly close its doors to the public if pests are found roaming the halls and guestrooms. From spreading diseases like Salmonella or Weil’s disease, to damaging electrical installations and potentially harming your clients or personnel, pests are a persistent bunch that will not easily give up their food and shelter until they are forced to do so.

      Our scientific pest experts develop leading-edge solutions offering you the most effective pest control options – including innovative and humane electronic pest monitors and traps – such as PestConnect that senses pest activity, sending alerts to our BPCA certified technicians, providing 24/7 protection and monitoring.

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