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      Golf courses suffering from poor pest control can expect to see ruined courses and a loss of business. Pests like Rabbits, Moles or Rats can cause huge damage to well looked after courses and destroy years of work overnight with burrows. Pests like these can burrow under courses, ruining greens and landscapes as they “move in”. Therefore, it’s critical that golf courses ensure they have their pest control sorted.

      However, golf course pest control is an area that is often overlooked. Many golf courses will respond to pest control in a reactive measure, acting once they have been hit by the pest. This leads to big landscaping bills and pest control costs as you scramble to fix the damage pests have caused over night.

      Prevention, of damage from these pests, rather than reaction, will save you money in the long term and is something that a golf course should never overlook. Therefore, you need to minimise and prevent the damage caused by pests to your land and there’s no better way to achieve that than with the Cityspec!

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